Time flies, but so do we!

One thing that everybody usually agrees on is that time flies. Speaking of … my oldest son is graduating from high school this month. Already???? It feels like just yesterday he was complaining about having a nap time, now it seems that’s all he wants to do! Time does fly, but so do we. Although we are already over a quarter of the way through 2023, Duravent Group is by no means slowing down.

– May 9, 2023

New Year. Same Commitment.

It’s remarkable that we are well into our second full year as Duravent Group – ONE Company. Hard work, by countless people, has brought our two organizations together forming the largest commercial venting manufacturer in North America.

– January 10, 2023

Turn Up the Heat?

Is it hot enough for you this summer?!?!?!? As record temperatures continue to suffocate much of the country, DuraVent’s integration with Hart & Cooley has heated up as well.

– August 24, 2022

Duravent® acquires Hart & Cooley®, setting a new standard for the HVAC industry of the future! 
-October 5, 2021